WIFT Toronto Showcase

Our annual WIFT Toronto Showcase highlights the creativity, talent, and diversity of our community. The 13th annual WIFT Toronto Showcase took place on May 18, 2022 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox!

Get your projects ready for Showcase 2023. We will begin accepting submissions in December 2022.

Each spring, we host a special screening of short works by our members: film (documentary, fiction, animation, experimental), and TV & web series episodes. 

The following prizes were awarded at the 2022 WIFT Toronto Showcase:

  • Best of Showcase (Cash prize of $2,000 courtesy the Foundation for WIFT Toronto)
    A Hundred Joys, directed by Amanda Ann-Min Wong
  • Best Writing (Cash prize of $2,000 courtesy the Foundation for WIFT Toronto)
    Miikshi: Splash Landing, written by Lindsay Lee
  • Best Directing (Cash prize of $2,000 courtesy of the Foundation for WIFT Toronto)
    Hogtown: Stronger Together, directed by Josiane Blanc
  • Audience Choice (Cash prize of $1,000 courtesy the Foundation for WIFT Toronto)
    The Bubble, written and directed by Beth Evans

Best of Showcase, Best Writing and Best Directing are determined by a jury composed of WIFT Toronto members. In the last five years, WIFT Toronto has awarded more than $35,000 in cash prizes through support from the Foundation for WIFT Toronto.

Trailer edited by Kimberly Miller-Pryce with music composed by Sarah Basciano.


Trailer edited by Kimberly Miller-Pryce with music composed and performed by Sarah Basciano

The 2022 WIFT Toronto Showcase Selected Projects Are:

A Hundred Joys | Documentary **Best of Showcase Award Winner**

Submitted by Amanda Ann-Min Wong, director

A nostalgic look at the rich tenacity of Toronto’s East Chinatown community, through the exploration of its people, sidewalks, and businesses.

Band Ladies: Blitzkrieg Bop! | Web Series Episode

Submitted by Kate Fenton, writer / producer / actor

A group of women, fed up and on the cusp of middle age, turn their book club into a punk band 20 years too late!

Black River | Documentary

Submitted by Morgana McKenzie, cinematographer

A portrait of a small Appalachian town in its twilight after a century of economic and environmental exploitation by the coal industry, and the lost generation of kids growing up in what remains.

Hogtown: Stronger Together  | Web Series Episode **Best Directing Award Winner**

Submitted by Josiane Blanc, writer / director / coproducer and Ania Jamila, coproducer

When 16-year-old Manuela and her family are threatened with eviction by growing urban and modern real estate developments, she decides to fight back, determined to protect her home and neighborhood.

Miikshi - Splash Landing | Web Series Episode **Best Writing Award Winner**

Submitted by Lindsay Lee, writer

A fault in Dr. Crumpet's cosmic silo thwarts his plan to bring Miikshi, a shy sheep inventor, back to Earth. Time is running out, and his computer isn't working. Can he overcome his pride and ask Miikshi for help to ensure a soft landing?

St Clair W | Experimental

Submitted by Emily Ryder, director / writer / producer

A meditation on love, loss, and the relationship we have with our own memories. Through a romantic, gauzy lens the film explores the fractured, mundane, and non-linear ways we ‘try to remember' and 'start to forget'.

The Bubble | Fiction/Narrative **Audience Choice Award Winner**

Submitted by Beth Evans, director / producer / editor

When strict pandemic restrictions are relaxed to allow for the formation of 10-person social bubbles, Charlie's prayers are answered. But squeezing into a bubble proves more challenging than she expected.

Selection Process

All submissions were screened and selected by a volunteer committee of WIFT Toronto members: Asis Sethi, Emilia Copeland, Emily Schooley, Jo Proulx, Kai Little-White, Luisa Alvarez Restrepo, Maude DeMarco, Raj Dhillon, Rebecca Gibson, Shagun Kanwar, and Visaree Bradshaw-Coore. Thank you to all our Jury Members.

2022 Showcase Program

Click the program to see the 2022 Showcase Program.


The 2022 jury members are:

L-R: Emilia Copeland, Rebecca Gibson, Asis Sethi,  Emily Schooley, Kai Little-White, Shagun Kanwar, Luisa Alvarez Restrepo, Raj Dhillon, Jo Proulx, Maude DeMarco, and Visaree Bradshaw-Coore.

This is a great way to give back and champion women content creators in your community. Participating jurors will receive a complimentary ticket to attend the 2023 WIFT Toronto Showcase in May 2023.

Jury members will be required to:

  • Screen all submitted projects and provide feedback;
  • Attend the jury deliberation meeting on March 9 (evening); and,
  • Provide programming notes for at least one selected project.
  • Host an Instagram Live Showcase SnackChat with one of the filmmakers

Email the following to by January 13, 2023:

  • Your CV and/or Resume;
  • Your Professional Bio (150 words max); and,
  • A brief statement as to why you are interested in being on the 2023 jury (minimum 150 words).

Please note: Committee members will be required to hold active WIFT Toronto memberships, valid up to and including the date of the event in May  2023.

2022 call for submissions will open Dec 6, 2021.


Early bird: January 7, 2022 ($20 +HST)

Regular: January 31, 2022 ($30 +HST)


Members can submit up to TWO projects. Run time of each project must not exceed 24 minutes (credits included).

  • Documentary
  • Fiction/Narrative
  • Animation
  • Experimental
  • Television series (episode)
  • Web series (episode)

* Music videos are not eligible for submission


Submissions must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for consideration:

  • Only WIFT Toronto members with up-to-date memberships are eligible to submit work for consideration. You may become a member at the time of the application. Membership must be active on Showcase day in May  2022.
  • Work must have been completed after January 1, 2020.
  • Work must not exceed a run time of 24 minutes, including credits.
  • The submitting member must hold one of the following key creative positions on the project: Writer, Director, Producer, Editor or Cinematographer/DOP
  • Submitting member must be at minimum age 18.
  • Submitting member must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Non-English media with dialogue/commentary must be subtitled or dubbed.
  • Work must be fully complete. Works-in-progress are not eligible.
  • Members can submit a maximum of TWO separate projects for consideration (only ONE may be selected for the Showcase). However, separate submission forms must be completed per project.
  • Submissions must include written permission to screen from the project’s producer (or owner) should the project be selected.

Please note that the decisions of the Selection Committee are final.

"Being a member of the WIFT showcase jury has been a true highlight of my time as a WIFT member. Coming together with other folks who are so incredibly passionate about film and just talking about all the wonderful submissions, what worked for one person but missed for another, how to create a holistic show -- it felt like such a pure expression of why I got into this industry in the first place. All in all, it was so incredibly fun and fulfilling! I hope every WIFT member gets to experience being on the jury at least once."
— Rabiya Mansoor, 2021 WIFT Showcase Jury Member