WIFT-T Crystal Awards

At WIFT-T, we take pride in not only providing opportunities for women to rise in their careers, we also celebrate their accomplishments and moments of triumph.

December 4, 2018 | 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Arcadian Court (401 Bay St., 8th floor), Toronto, ON

Tickets on sale starting October 24, 2018.


2018 Recipient: Grace Carnale-Davis, VP, Sales & Client Service, Technicolor

‍Past winners include: Mary Bredin, Tracey Pearce, Lisa Olfman, Joy Rosen, Barbara Bowlby, Margaret O'Brien, Anne Marie La Traverse, Noreen Halpern.

Awarded to a woman who has made a major contribution to screen-based media—film, television and/or digital media—from the perspective of enterprise development through the consistent quality of her work throughout her career. Through personal example and leadership, she has inspired and set standards for industry colleagues working in the screen-based industry.


2018 Recipient: Edwina Follows, General Manager, Discovery Networks

‍Past winners include: Mary Harron, Michelle Crespi, Christina Piovesan, Sally Catto, Semi Chellas, Tara Ellis, Julie Bristow, Shelley Saywell, Tassie Cameron.

Awarded to a woman in recognition of the creative excellence and dynamic quality of her work in screen-based media—film, television and/or digital media. The recipient’s recent work has gained national and/or international attention in the previous year and has established a standard for those working in screen-based media.


2018 Recipient: Deb Day, CEO & Chief Strategist, Innovate By Day

Past winners include: Diane Williamson, Barbara Bailie, Lucie Lalumière.

Awarded to a woman in recognition of her significant contribution to the Canadian digital screen-based industry as demonstrated by her creativity and leadership; including, but not limited to, idea generation, content creation, distribution, technology, audience engagement, funding models, etc. 


2018 Recipient: Zoe Dirse, CSC, Director of Photography

Past winners include: Karen Walton, Deborah Osborne, Ken Dhaliwal, Corrie Coe, Jay Switzer, Lalita Krishna, Susan Ross, Carol Whiteman, Lesley Harrison, Lisa Meeches.

Awarded to a woman or man who has made an outstanding contribution to building women’s careers in screen-based media—film, television and/or digital media. The mentor supports the advancement of women, offers guidance and support and/or assists female entrepreneurs in growing their own media companies.


2018 Recipient: Karen Thorne-Stone, President & CEO, Ontario Creates

Past winners include: Tonya Williams, Patricia Ellingson, Susan Cavan, Trina McQueen, O.C., Sheila Hockin, Mary Ellen Carlyle, Sandi Ross, Claire Prieto, Jeanne Beker.

The Special Jury Award of Distinction is presented to woman who is a groundbreaker and has demonstrated a commitment to the screen-based industry. The winner is dedicated to building a vibrant, diverse, and active creative community.
“The Crystal Awards creates a wonderful opportunity to recognize women and their accomplishments, as well as inspire others. I was deeply honoured to be the recipient of the inaugural Digital Trailblazer Crystal Award.”
~Lucie Lalumière, Founder & Principal, Lalumière Media
Call for nominations opens May 2019.
Call for nominations opens May 2019.