Executive Breakfast Series

A popular event among our Experienced members, the WIFT-T Executive Breakfast Series returns in 2019 with three complimentary and exclusive sessions exploring the latest trends and best practices in the screen-based media industry.

The Executive Breakfast Series is by invitation-only for our Experienced members, 10+ years’ industry experience.

To attend, you must be a WIFT-T member in good standing. Space is limited.

Please note: Dates are subject to change. All breakfasts run from 8:30-10:00 AM. 


Co-producing with the U.S.: Legal & Financial Considerations.

Moderated by Marlo Miazga, VP, Content, Bristow Global Media. Panelists included: Wanda Chaffey (producer), Jenna Keane (Chief Creative Officer, RTR Media), Toni Miceli (Chief Executive Officer, RTR Media), and Hatty Reisman, LLB, JD, ICD.D.

In conversation with ... Tassie Cameron, executive producer, writer.

Moderated by WIFT-T Board Chair, Jocelyn Hamilton.

In conversation with ... Vicki Saunders, founder, ShEO.

Moderated by WIFT-T Executive Director, Heather Webb.


How to Truly Be Multi-platform with Vanessa Case, EVP, Content, Blue Ant Media

Leadership & Followership: The Mentoring Spectrum with Diana Kawarsky, President, The Soft Skills Group

Balance is Bull****: Work-Life Integration with Amy Laski, President of Felicity PR (Inspiring Communications)


Immersive technologies: Virtual, augmented, and mixed realities with Lucie Lalumière, Founder & Principal, Lalumière Media

Staying Relevant in Times of Change:  Adapting, Strategizing and Getting your Hands Dirty with Laurie Brown, host, Pondercast

Regulation in the Digital Age: What's Next for Canadian Content? with Peter S. Grant, Counsel, McCarthy Tétrault LLP; and Trina McQueen, O.C. | Bell Media Professor, MBA Program in Arts & Media Administration, Schulich School of Business

Want to find out more about this inspiring series?
Email us!
Want to find out more about this inspiring series?
Email us!