Corus Media Management Accelerator

This 56-hour intensive program is designed to provide screen-based media professionals with the skills needed to excel as managers and entrepreneurs.

  • Exclusive access to industry leaders and Ryerson faculty
  • Certificate from G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University upon completion
  • Friday/Saturday sessions to minimize out of office time
  • Limited enrollment for a more intimate class size

Jointly developed by WIFT Toronto and Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, the Corus Media Management Accelerator delivers essential management training focusing on six core competency areas: communications, financial literacy, marketing, organizational behaviour, project management, and strategic planning.

Following completion of the program sessions, team up with a Ryerson University mentor/coach to focus on a specific career-building skill. 

Successful participants will receive a Recognition of Completion award from the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University. Receipt of the award is determined by attendance and the completion of assignments.

This program runs biennially and will be offered in 2019, October/November.


May 15, 2019 | 6:00-7:30 pm

Corus Quay, 25 Dockside Drive


Program: 11:59 pm, September 6, 2019

Bursary: July 26, 2019

Two bursaries are available courtesy the Foundation for WIFT Toronto. Details on bursary eligibility and application process available here.

This program is open to WIFT Toronto members and non-members, and is recommended for any manager or entrepreneur with 1-5 years of direct management experience, and 5+ years’ experience in the media industry.  The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of accomplishments and demonstrated work progression. Please note, fees are subject to change.


NOTE: The following fees only apply to those accepted into the program.

WIFT Toronto Members: $1550 +HST

Non-Members: $1850 +HST


Pay your application fee here.

Submit the following documents to Christina Anderson (reference "Corus Media Management Accelerator - Program Application" in the subject line):

  • Cover letter outlining educational and professional development goals. (Max. 2  pages) Describe your management experiences and identify what areas you hope to develop through the program. Describe your short-term and long-term career goals. Why are you pursuing this program at this point in your career?
  • Resume / CV including education and professional work experience (Max. 2 pages)
  • Personal Bio (Max. 300 words)
  • One Letter of Recommendation from an industry professional (Max. 2 pages)

Please submit your files in PDF format and name according to the order listed below, using this template: CMMA2019 –Full Name–Description of File.PDF (e.g. CMMA2019–Alex Talent–Bio.PDF)


Bursaries are available courtesy the Foundation for WIFT Toronto to cover the program fees of two (2) successful applicants. Deadline to apply for a bursary is July 12, 2019. Guidelines and application available here.

Sessions run on Fridays and Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm.


Friday, October 4 | Instructor: Dr. Wilson Leung (Director, Graduate Leadership Institute & lecturer, Ryerson University; co-founder & chair, Thinking Forward)

The foundation to successful management is having the ability to navigate various professional relationships with strong interpersonal skills. From direct reports to supervisors, from clients to stakeholders, these are just some of the key people involved with any given management initiative.

Understanding and applying the essential leadership and soft skills are critical for positive management impact. In this session, you will learn how to develop a management style that works effectively with different people and situations. Topics to be discussed include: emotional intelligence, situational leadership, conflict, and negotiation, along with other vital aspects. Development tools such as Myers- Briggs Type Indicator and Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument will also be explored and integrated.


Saturday, October 5 | Instructor: Brad MacMaster (assistant professor, Ted Rogers School of Management, School of Accounting & Finance, Ryerson University; principal, eCFO Consulting)

Just as new modern managers are expected to be both tech- and social media-savvy, being financially savvy is now a requirement too.  Most managers and every business owner will ultimately have some degree of accountability for a business entity’s financial performance.  Yet rarely do organizations provide training in financial management and the majority of university courses in accounting or finance that are requirements for general business students are inadequate in terms of developing their abilities to use financial information in decision-making effectively.  In this session, you will learn what drives the need for financial information for key stakeholders.  We will explore the most common and comprehensive source – an entity’s financial statements – distilling the key metrics for primary business performance criteria.  Building on this capability and knowledge, we will switch our perspective to a future-orientation and explore how operational budgeting can be used to achieve desired performance metrics.


Friday, October 18 | Instructor: Catherine Meyer (president, CEO, Catalyst Leadership Solutions)

Organizational Behaviour is a field of study that investigates 3 interdependent systems: the individual (micro-level of analysis); the group/interpersonal relationships in organizations (meso-level of analysis); the organization and its environment (macro-level of analysis) so as to understand, explain, predict and influence human behavior. It covers an extensive range of topics:  

  • at the micro level – personality, values, perception, attitudes, emotions, motivation, decision-making, creativity & stress  
  • at the meso level – team dynamics, communication, power, leadership, negotiation, conflict & decision-making  
  • at the macro level – organizational structure, culture and change

Human Resources Management is a field of study that aims to improve the productive contribution of individuals and teams while trying to simultaneously attain organizational, societal and individual goals.


Saturday, October 19 | Instructor: Jerry Kafieh (AVP, IT & Portfolio Governance, TD; instructor, project management, Ryerson University)

Humankind has been managing projects since the first person endeavored to accomplish something new or different.  Common fundamental approaches underpin all effective project deliveries whether the project is hosting the Pan-Am Games, constructing a building, developing a vaccine, or planning a wedding.  This one-day project management course engages participants through dynamic lecture presentations and targeted questioning designed to highlight workplace applications.  This interactive 7-hour offering provides a combination of essential theoretical and applied project management learnings.  Participants learn simple tips and techniques that can be leveraged immediately in the workplace to enhance project delivery.  


Friday, November 1 | Instructor: Veronica Chail (journalism; professor, Seneca College)

This session will focus on advanced communication techniques with a senior level focus. Participants explore interpersonal, oral, and written communication techniques, helpful for a variety of management situations. Best practices, in addition to case studies and practical tips, are interwoven into the session to reinforce the hands-on content.


Saturday, November 2 | Instructor: Paul Gillespie (general manager, County BrewCo; professor, marketing, advertising & entrepreneurship, Ryerson University), Judy Lung, PR and Marketing professional (freelance)

Use key marketing insights to attract, engage, and inspire your potential customers. In this session, we will explore the power of positioning and talk about promotional engagement strategies that will ensure you get noticed. Relevant case studies will help you make the connections between concept and execution.


Friday, November 15 | Instructor: Philip Walsh (associate professor, department of entrepreneurship & strategy, Ryerson University; managing director, Smith, Walsh & Associates)

Strategy is about success. The strategic planning process can provide a forum in which views are exchanged and consensus developed. Once formulated, the implementation of strategy through goals, commitments and performance targets that are monitored over the strategic planning period also provides a mechanism to ensure that the organization moves forward in a consistent direction. This session focuses on how the “big picture” presented by factors both remote to a particular industry and within an industry influences how an organization creates strategies for continued success and survival.  Participants will be required to seek out these factors and to provide observations to support their importance to strategy development within the context of the media industry.  Key principles such as external drivers, industry forces, competitive positioning, the resource-based view of the organization and scenario planning will be introduced and applied.


Saturday, November 16 | Instructor: TBA

Hear about new trends, technologies and various topics of discussion from a panel of notable industry leaders.

"Through the Corus Media Management Accelerator, I gained new insight into areas of the industry that I would never have learned at my own workplace. I now feel that I have a well-rounded view of the media industry and a base of knowledge where I can start to build a stronger professional path for myself. The people involved in the program have lent to my renewed motivation towards professional development and learning."
~Kyrene Kim, 2017 Participant
2019 call for applications now closed.
2019 call for applications now closed.