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You are the leaders of our industry. Many look to you for guidance and rely on your depth of knowledge. Because of you, we can. 

At WIFT Toronto, we are committed to building on your legacy and recognizing your many trailblazing achievements. We are honoured to have you in our community as collaborators, mentors, and partners.

Let us help you stay connected with your peers, be current on the latest trends, and provide ways for you to engage with and mentor the next generation.

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Learn how our targeted programming can keep you connected to your peers, plugged in to the latest trends, and at the top of your game.

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Your long and impactful career is an inspiration to many. You are well-respected by your peers and the next generation of industry leaders look to you for guidance as they pave their own way. 

Learn about the many exciting and impactful ways WIFT Toronto ensures that you're current on industry trends, and accessible to your colleagues and potential mentees.


"Fantastic presentation on social media...now I might actually join Facebook!"
~Michelle Nolden, Actress, Director, Writer
Executive Breakfast Series

A popular event among our Experienced members, the WIFT Toronto Executive Breakfast Series will return for in-person attendance hopefully sometime in 2021. This series consists of three complimentary and exclusive sessions exploring the latest trends and best practices in the screen-based media industry.

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"WIFT Toronto’s Reception@TIFF is the only party of its kind recognizing women working in the screen-based industry."
— Unity360, Entertainment industry news
WIFT Toronto Reception@TIFF

The hottest ticket of the year! Celebrate women’s success in media during the Toronto International Film Festival. One free ticket for each member!

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“It’s important to support one another and learn what each other are doing.”
~Michelle Crespi, Executive Director/Producer Lifestyle, Bell Media, and winner of WIFT-T's 2016 Creative Excellence Award
survival of the fittest


Much has changed in our industry. The advent of digital media, major policy developments, and new business practices have altered how we create, consume, and share content. To lead effectively, you will need to acquire new skills, expand your knowledge, and stay current. 

Our intensive continuing education programs and industry panels are designed to equip you with the tools and network you need to remain at the top.

higher learning

This course truly gave me the edge when speaking to production accountants.
— Frances Ewaniuk
Intermediate Production Accounting & Tax Credits

This 3-day workshop provides you with in-depth and practical information on production financing and accounting.

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"One of the most useful workshops I have taken in the industry!"
~AnnaMaria DeMara
Introduction to Entertainment Law

A 3-day workshop designed to demystify legal issues in media content production. Learn your rights, protect your IP, negotiate the best deal for YOU!

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"By far, the most beneficial professional development program I’ve taken in my career."
— Suzanne Chapman, production executive, Cineflix Media; MLP 2016
Media Leadership Program

The c-suite awaits you! The Media Leadership Program is a proven and successful 96-hour professional development intensive designed to enhance your strategic leadership skills.

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Ontario Creates IDM Fund Futures Program

Designed to assist and fast-track applicants applying to Ontario Creates Interactive Digital Media Fund programs. Let us help you submit a winning application!

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Ontario Creates IDM Futures Forward Program

Designed to assist and fast-track applicants applying to Ontario Creates Interactive Digital Media Fund programs. Let us help you submit a winning application!

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"A great way to get practical and "hands on" learning, and prepare a strong pitch for investors and other stakeholders!"
~Laurie Januska, Director of Programming, WIFT Toronto
Pitching 101 Workshop

Get the basics of a good pitch down pat! Identify the key components that contribute to a good pitch, and learn the best way to deliver them.

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Scripted Digital Series Incubator

The Scripted Digital Series Incubator is a four-day intensive program for writers and producers focused on script development, audience development/discoverability, pitching, and budgeting & financing.

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“Female filmmakers should network with each other... They open up resources and expertise, and allow them to build a network early in their career.”
~Keri Putnam, Executive Director, Sundance Institute
WIFT Toronto Industry Speaker Series

Get inspired, make connections, and learn new skills in a single evening. An after-work speaker and networking series for screen-based media professionals providing useful and insightful career development strategies and tools.

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“The traditional ways to make a film, the traditional ways to share a film, have all collapsed. There are no gatekeepers, per se, any more, and anything can be done.”
~Ava DuVernay, director, screenwriter, film marketer, and film distributor, The 13th, Selma
celebration time


We are in awe of your contributions to the industry. Your creativity, fearlessness, and innovation are qualities we greatly admire. And we want to celebrate you!

“Take risks. Shake things up. Don’t stay someplace because it’s comfortable or feels safe. Stretch!”
~Lisa Sherman, former EVP, General Manager, LogoTV, Viacom
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Get Involved

It is because of leaders like you that we now have a more equitable and welcoming industry. Your tireless advocacy, dedication, and tenacity are appreciated. Thank you for leading the charge. 

We know there is much more work to be done. Find out how you can inspire more change.

“Dreams do not come true just because you dream them. It's hard work that makes things happen. It's hard work that creates change.”
~Shonda Rhimes, producer & screenwriter, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy