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Strengthening Your Foundation


You have been in this industry for some time, and by now you’re probably clear on the three things that make you most successful: a strong foundation, a willingness to learn, and a reliable and supportive community.  For a long and sustainable career as a filmmaker or media professional, these three attributes will keep you motivated and ahead of the curve.  

WIFT Toronto is here to support you as you build a sound and lasting career.  As you continue to grow, our courses, programs and mentorships will provide you with the tools, knowledge and skills to stand out.

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Level Up

Learn more about the various ways our targeted programming can accelerate and strengthen your career goals.

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Developing and sustaining strong relationships are key to attaining longevity in the entertainment industry.

At WIFT Toronto, we recognize the importance of collaboration and network-building. Your WIFT Toronto community is a gold mine of experience, talent, and opportunities. Connect online through our database and social media platforms, come out to our various networking events, and participate in our one-on-one mentorship program. 

“Filmmaking is a highly collaborative and creative business that relies on making key connections. As women we need more opportunities to create those relationships—WIFT Toronto helps us to do that.”
~Donor Amy Jo Johnson, actor & filmmaker, The Space Between, Flashpoint
expand your toolbox


The media industry today is far from what it was five years ago. Look at how much has changed in the past year! To succeed you must keep up with and stay ahead of the trends, and never stop learning. Our programs give you the skills and knowledge needed to build your confidence and prepare you for your next five years.

it’s your time

"A unique opportunity that would be hard to replicate ... I was able to meet with people from all areas of the company and gained new insight into how the CBC operates."
— Madison Falle, 2017 Recipient
CBC Business of Broadcasting Mentorship

Are you an emerging Canadian content producer who is passionate about production and development, with a focus on scripted broadcast content? This is the perfect opportunity for you! This program will be delivered in a hybrid style - both in-person and virtual meetings.

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"If you are looking to be challenged and learn how to become an even more effective leader in the media industry this is the program for you!"
~Maggie John, 2017 Participant
Corus Media Management Accelerator

This 56-hour intensive program is designed to provide screen-based media professionals with the skills needed to excel as managers and entrepreneurs.

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"A transformative opportunity to work with business and directing mentors who are at the top-of-their game..."
~Kirsten Carthew, 2017 Recipient
DGC Ontario Director Mentorship

Are you an emerging Canadian director? Do you have a feature film project in development, but need connections and market-training? Apply for the DGC Ontario Director Mentorship!

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"An exciting career-launching opportunity for an emerging professional."
~Laurie Januska, Director of Programming, WIFT Toronto
Formosa Group Sound Mentorship

This inaugural mentorship will take place October 24 - November 11, 2022 (inclusive), with virtual and in-person elements.

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"An exciting career-launching opportunity for an emerging professional."
~Laurie Januska, Director of Programming, WIFT Toronto
Ghost VFX Mentorship

This inaugural mentorship will take place Novembr 14 - December 2, 2022 (inclusive), with virtual and in-person elements.

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This course truly gave me the edge when speaking to production accountants.
— Frances Ewaniuk
Intermediate Production Accounting & Tax Credits

This 3-day workshop provides you with in-depth and practical information on production financing and accounting.

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"One of the most useful workshops I have taken in the industry!"
~AnnaMaria DeMara
Introduction to Entertainment Law

A 3-day workshop designed to demystify legal issues in media content production. Learn your rights, protect your IP, negotiate the best deal for YOU!

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"MBE provided me with a strong foundation of knowledge towards the business aspects of media and a platform to network with fellow creators."
~Alicia De Four, 2017 Participant
Media Business Essentials

Jump-start your career in media and get the business skills you need to join Ontario’s billion-dollar screen-based media industry (film, TV and interactive/digital).

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NEW!! Made For TV: Concept to Pitch

NEW!! This 4-day intensive workshop will answer the questions around how the creative elements of your concept can create engagement ... even in your most early stages. Participants will come out of this workshop with a stronger project/story concept, a verbal pitch, and a one-sheet that will include a short and long synopsis.

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Ontario Creates IDM Fund Futures Program

Designed to assist and fast-track applicants applying to Ontario Creates Interactive Digital Media Fund programs. Let us help you submit a winning application!

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Ontario Creates IDM Futures Forward Program

Designed to assist and fast-track applicants applying to Ontario Creates Interactive Digital Media Fund programs. Let us help you submit a winning application!

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"A great way to get practical and "hands on" learning, and prepare a strong pitch for investors and other stakeholders!"
~Laurie Januska, Director of Programming, WIFT Toronto
Pitching 101 Workshop

Get the basics of a good pitch down pat! Identify the key components that contribute to a good pitch, and learn the best way to deliver them.

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Scripted Digital Series Incubator

The Scripted Digital Series Incubator is a four-day intensive program for writers and producers focused on script development, audience development/discoverability, pitching, and budgeting & financing.

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The Business of Budgeting

Most of us have seen production budgets, have worked with budgets, and know the importance of one. But do you know how to build it? Are you clear on what all the components are? Our workshop will clarify all of this, and more.

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WIFT Indigenous Writers Program

Introducing our newest program - a career accelerator for Indigenous creators. This program will offer networking, industry insights, training and mentorship, all developed to help establish and elevate the careers of Indigenous creators.

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WIFT Leadership Development Series

What do we mean by “leadership”? What are the experiences and attributes that make a good leader? This program, launched in 2021 as a “lunch & learn” series has been redesigned into four full days, introducing participants to the basics of moving into a leadership role. If you’ve been thinking about applying to our Media Leadership Program, this series is a great intro.

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“Female filmmakers should network with each other... They open up resources and expertise, and allow them to build a network early in their career.”
~Keri Putnam, Executive Director, Sundance Institute
WIFT Toronto Industry Speaker Series

Get inspired, make connections, and learn new skills in a single evening. An after-work speaker and networking series for screen-based media professionals providing useful and insightful career development strategies and tools.

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“It’s all building your toolbox. Just keep working your way up the ladder and learn, learn, learn.”
~Daegan Fryklind, showrunner, producer & writer, Bitten, Being Erica
celebrating you


You've done the work. Now it's time to party. 

At WIFT Toronto we enjoy celebrating our members and providing platforms for them to shine. Share your achievements with us. Made a short film? Submit it to our annual Showcase. Won an award or received a promotion? Tell us all about it. You deserve to be celebrated.

“You already are the complex, conflicted, fiercely driven protagonist of the life story (including career) you’re engaged in. Claim your agency. Provoke your own inciting incidents. Raise your own stakes.”
~Stephanie Morgenstern, writer and producer, X Company, Flashpoint
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Get Involved

We applaud the industry for the significant strides that have been made to recognize the need for gender parity, equity, inclusivity and access.  While we acknowledge the cracks in the ceiling, we know there is a lot more that can be done to ensure that women+ and other marginalized groups have equitable access to opportunities in this industry. To completely remove the barriers to advancement, we need all hands on deck.
Will you join us in leading the charge?

“Sometimes you hear the lobsters-in-a-pot metaphor—if the lobsters cooperated, they could get each other out. We’re cooperating. We refuse to just lie there and boil.”
~Diablo Cody, screenwriter & producer, Jennifer's Body, Juno, The United States of Tara