March 9, 2020

Gloria Kim, Sam Coyle, plus more WIFT-T members featured in 2020 Canadian Film Fest line up

CFF runs from March 24 to 28, 2020 at Cineplex Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto. Support great Canadian talent!



Queen of the Morning Calm (Director/Writer: Gloria Kim; Executive Producers: Sonya Di Rienzo, Dr. Carol Whiteman) | 7:45 PM, Thursday, March 26 (Will be preceded by the short film Age of Dysphoria, directed by Jessica Petelle with producer, Emily Andrews)


Hazy Little Thing (Director: Sam Coyle) | 9:30 PM, Friday, March 27


All About Who You Know (Producer: Jane Loughman) | 5:00 PM, Saturday, March 28 (directed by Jack Horowitz)


Unidentified Woman, edited by Teresa Hannigan | 9:55 PM, Thursday, March 26 (Will precede the Toronto Premiere of Volition, directed by Tony Dean Smith)

Homegrown Shorts 1 | Saturday, March 28 at noon

Plush (Director/Writer: Anna Jane Edmonds)

JOEY (Directors: Jessica Hinkson, Laura Nordin; Writer: Jessica Hinkson; Producers: Emily Andrews, Jen Pogue; Executive Producer: Lauren Grant; Production Designer: Kate Harrison; Music: Janal Bechthold)

Chubby (Producer: Hayley Brown)

Homegrown Shorts 2 | Saturday, March 28 at 2:30 PM

Shoegazer (Director: Isa Benn; Producer: Rachel Cairns)

Tickets for Canadian Film Fest go on sale, March 10, 2020. You can also purchase a Festival pass to gain access to both the screenings and panels. Visit for more details.

The Canadian Film Fest (CFF) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting Canadian independent films and cultivating emerging and established filmmaking talent. By exclusively featuring Canadian films, its goal is to provide filmmakers with valuable showcasing and networking opportunities and to offer the public homegrown productions to view and enjoy.