November 28, 2017

Spotlight: Mary Bredin, 2017 Outstanding Achievement in Business Award winner

As the Executive Vice President of Content and Strategy at Guru Studio, Mary Bredin is among many amazing things a master builder.

Over the past 25 years she has bridged her legal expertise and her knowledge of the arts and media sectors to build a dynamic career filled with notable accomplishments.

Throughout her versatile career, Mary has tirelessly championed bold international business strategies, nimble and innovative distribution tactics, and groundbreaking quality content. She has brought a creative business sense to every role – including her time at Nelvana, Telefilm Canada, Canal +, and PMMP in Paris. In London, Mary worked at Disney for 8 years where she built a team of global Disney Channel Executives, creating a framework for programming and acquisitions that is still used today.

At Guru Studio, Mary has built an international network of clients, collaborators, and partners, ranging from Nickelodeon to Mattel to Pharrell Williams. From commercial successes like Justin Time, to socially conscious work like Cartoon Saloon and Angelina Jolie’s feature film, The Breadwinner, Mary has negotiated innovative deals to firmly establish Guru as a world-class producer and raise the profile of our industry on the international stage.

Mary is a passionate advocate for positive female characters on screen and has played an active role in supporting organizations who champion the success of women in the industry as a board member of WIFT-T, the Computer Animation Studios of Ontario, and Women in Animation.

She most recently developed and executive produced the series, True and the Rainbow Kingdom – a Netflix Original that launched globally in August 2017. Her mission to export the best of Canadian content to the world still gives Mary great pride and energy even after 25 years.


The Crystal Awards is Women in Film & Television – Toronto’s (WIFT-T) annual tribute to women working in the Canadian screen-based industry, as well as the men who champion them. Since 1988, WIFT-T has honoured over 130 industry trailblazers for their excellence in creativity, innovation, and leadership in Canada’s screen-based media industry (film, television and digital media).

The 30th Annual Crystal Awards Gala luncheon will take place on December 5, 2017 at the Arcadian Court, 401 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario.

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