October 2, 2017

Six Projects Selected for OMDC Digital Media Accelerator

Women in Film & Television–Toronto (WIFT-T) is pleased to announce the selected participants of the OMDC Interactive Digital Media Fund Futures Accelerator program.

The OMDC IDM Fund Futures Accelerator program provides potential funding applicants (companies and individuals) with the skills required to fast-track their knowledge acquisition and enhance the competitiveness of their company when applying to the OMDC’s Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Fund Concept Definition and Production programs.

The selected participants are: 

  • Avaah Blackwell and Jupiter J. Makins, 3.4.5.
  • Barbara Willis Sweete and Chrisann Hessing, Schafer’s Labyrinth
  • Julian Wierzbicki, So You Think You Can Coach
  • Kulbinder Saran Caldwell and Whitney Kitchur, Legend of Linova
  • Leah Rifkin, Tragic Teenage Tales
  • Oswaldo Quiroz, 3D Garage
“OMDC’s IDM Fund Futures is designed to provide transitioning screen-based producers and emerging digital companies with a business and marketing toolkit to help them succeed. We’re excited to partner with WIFT-T on this initiative which we’re confident will support new entrants into Ontario’s vibrant IDM industry."

~Karen Thorne-Stone, OMDC President and CEO

The OMDC IDM Fund Futures curriculum expands on the application requirements and deliverables of the IDM Fund Concept Definition and Production programs. Participants who complete the program will be eligible to submit an application to the OMDC IDM Fund Concept Definition and/or Production programs. Successful participants will also have the opportunity to submit an application to receive one of a limited numbers of grants to assist with product development (administered by the OMDC).

Sessions will be led by top industry professionals: 

  • Julie Giles, Digital Marketing Consultant & Strategist
  • Mickey Rogers, Owner, Mickey Rogers Media
  • Norma Rossler, Chief Financial Officer, Blot Interactive
  • Sasha Boersma, Co-Founder/Executive Producer, Sticky Brain Studios Inc.
  • Victoria Evans, VP, Strategy, Relish Interactive and Founder, Digital Vic


The OMDC Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Fund Concept Definition and Production programs provide IDM content creators with funding for high quality, original interactive digital media content projects that make a positive contribution to the Ontario economy. omdc.on.ca

Production – support for the creation of a market-ready content project that will be released to end users.

Concept Definition – support for early-stage activities that will assist the applicant company in moving towards the production of a market-ready content project.

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