Media Leadership Program Testimonials

“The Media Leadership Program brought great value in my progress in the management capacity.  It helped me adjust my ways in exploring what it means to lead a team and the language I use to achieve success in the workplace.”

—Teresa M. Ho, Director of Production, Shaftesbury Films Inc., 2008 MLP Participant


“The Media Leadership Program … provide[d] a learning module from acclaimed individuals, which really gave me a 360 view of our industry.  The networking opportunities were beneficial to say the least and the program was affordable and manageable from a commitment prospective. …The course is fantastic, a great investment, very motivating and I’d recommend it to individuals who are looking to take their career to the next level.”

—Prentiss Fraser, SVP Worldwide Sales & Acquisitions, Entertainment One Television International, 2009 MLP Participant


“…I had the great fortune to participate in and successfully complete the MLP in 2010. At the time I applied, I had been searching for a significant educational opportunity with an industry focus that I could fit into my schedule (versus taking an MBA). When I read the curriculum for the MLP, with its MBA-styled skills tailored for the media industry, it was a perfect fit.

Through the MLP, I was able to spend the time re-affirming and learning new approaches to management and developing my leadership skills. Immediately after the completion of the program I deployed my knowledge and planned and led my team through a two day retreat designed for team-building after a significant departmental change in reporting lines. My boss was thrilled that I could bring tangible results to the table immediately after completing the program and share them with our whole team.

This past year I obtained a significant promotion and credit the MLP as a key piece of my preparation. Having elevated leadership skills in my toolkit helped me take the next step in my career.

As an additional benefit, the women from the 2010 MLP have stayed in touch in fact, we just had our 4thannual retreat this summer. We have formed a support network which I am hopeful will last throughout our careers.”

—Samantha McWilliams, CBC Senior Legal Counsel, 2010 MLP Participant.


“The Media Leadership Program was great. The classes were dense in content but the instructors did a good job of delivering condensed versions of university courses that are normally delivered over an entire semester. There were a lot of insight moments which we called “a-ha” moments. My fellow classmates and the WIFT-T and Schulich team running the program were the highlights of the program. Very few of us are surrounded by a network of support and this course gave us access to colleagues from varied backgrounds and perspectives. It’s wonderful to hear stories from different parts of the industry and know that we share many of the same challenges. Since the completion of the course, many of us continue to see each other and support one another through emails and group chats.”

—Yen Chu, Regional Sales Manager, Thought Equity Motion, 2010 MLP Participant.


“I attended the MLP program in 2012 and walked away richer for the experience. The program touched on many of the areas I grapple with as a senior executive in the media business and allowed me to gain insights from some of the leading visionaries in the business. Session instructors were impressive in their credentials – journalists and former vice-presidents from various broadcasters; entrepreneurs and innovators from the broader media landscape; and freelancers with fine pedigrees who had decided to go it on their own and push new boundaries. The course outline was relevant, of the moment and related to the various opportunities and challenges I face – from retaining and finding new audiences; dealing with funding and financial challenges; leading creative teams; to bringing strategic thinking to the work we do. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to move ahead in their career.”

—Arif Noorani, Executive Producer, CBC’s Q with Jian Ghomeshi, 2012 MLP Participant


“Getting the opportunity to be a part of MLP was an exciting chance to enhance my skills and knowledge, as well as learn new ones. When I began this course I was a new leader with a lot of challenges ahead – by the end I felt as though I was better equipped to deal with those challenges, having gained a significant amount of confidence in my capabilities as a leader. Furthermore, MLP provided a great platform for interacting with, and learning from, industry professionals and peers. Having a safe environment to ask questions and express yourself is invaluable for learning and MLP provided that space. I left MLP with a better understanding of the industry, great contacts and stronger belief in myself as a leader.”

—Veronica Graham, Manager of CTV Programming, Bell Media, 2012 MLP Participant


“The MLP was a highly informative and educational experience. We had access to industry leaders and modules addressing the most current trends affecting our sector. It was a milestone in my career development and yet another example of how WIFT-T is helping advance women in their careers.”

—Tamara Shannon, VP Marketing, Entertainment One Films, 2012 MLP Participant


“The philosopher Albert Schweitzer said ‘Example is leadership.’ The Media Leadership Program provided the best tools and was led by the most respected and revered leaders in their fields.”

—Shanna Albert, Executive Producer, Seasmoke Productions, 2012 MLP Participant.