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None of the valuable programs and events we host would be possible without the incredible individuals —and the inspiring companies they are a part of—who partner with WIFT Toronto to make a difference.

How to become a WIFT Toronto Partner

Looking for ways your company can make a difference and demonstrate its leadership?

WIFT Toronto offers many options to make an impact: ·        Event, program and mentorship sponsorship; ·        Cash and in-kind support;
·        Discounts and exclusive offers on your services and
        events for WIFT Toronto members

There are lots of ways we can work together.  
Let’s connect and discover how we can help you, help us.  

Partner Recognition

WIFT Toronto will show its appreciation by highlighting your company’s support every chance we get!

Onscreen at events, stage remarks, media releases, social media, website—you name it. We also love to promote our partner’s initiatives.

Make a Donation

Donating is quick, easy and impactful!

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“We must all do our part to continually encourage women to take on leadership roles in the film community. By supporting WIFT Toronto’s programming, we hope to bring a diverse range of perspectives, experience, and strength to our industry.”
- Paul Bronfman, CEO, Comweb foundation