Our Approach

making it all happen
our approach

Empowering Women


Good connections can jumpstart a new career or maximize an existing one. We strive to create exceptional opportunities for you to build your network. The best part? Having fun while enriching your career!


Being a confident decision-maker stems from a strong knowledge base and real world experience. Our programs and mentorships are developed with this in mind, enabling you to grow—whether you're just starting out or are keeping up with new trends and tech.


Beyond enabling women to take charge of their professional development, we also help build a vibrant and supportive community. Collectively, we can put the spotlight on women, celebrating our achievements and advocating for one another.

From day one, members are immersed in opportunities to expand and deepen their networks and develop lasting friendships. Every program, event, and activity enables members to meet new people in a welcoming and supportive environment.
our secret recipe

How we make it all happen


It's because of you that WIFT Toronto was formed. Smart, savvy women and men changing the world, one screen at a time.


There would be no WIFT Toronto without the support of our invaluable partners who join with us to make a difference.


Funds are raised via our charitable Foundation to support our programs and bursaries. Give the Gift of WIFT!


Our board is comprised of a remarkable group of women who generously give their time and counsel to guide WIFT Toronto.


These folks dedicate their skills and abilities each and every day to making our game-changing programs and events happen.


Our work would simply not be possible without our incredible volunteers. Thank you. Email to join and get on our mailing list.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”
~Margaret Mead, world-renowned Cultural Anthropologist