Congratulations to the 2017 WIFT-T Showcase Award Winners!

Thank you to everyone who joined us on March 30, 2017, at The Royal Cinema to celebrate the exceptional talent of our members. It was a fun and memorable evening. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Last night we had the honour of distributing three awards: Audience Choice, Best of Showcase, and Best Screenplay.

Here are the winners:

Director: Kat Barrell
Writer: Rebecca Hales
Producer: Farah Merani, Sara Basso
Submitting Member: Farah Merani

The 2017 Best Screenplay Award winner was selected by the WIFT-T Showcase Selection Committee. The winner will receive a complimentary pass to the 2017 Toronto Screenwriting Conference, valued at over $500, as well as a day in the writer’s room of the hit CBC show, Kim’s Convenience. Michelle Daly, Senior Director of Comedy at the CBC, presented the award.

An Honourable Mention was given to That’s My DJ, submitted by Maureen Grant.

Writer/Director: Geordie Sabbagh
Producer: Ashleigh Rains
Submitting Member: Ashleigh Rains

The 2017 Best of Showcase Award winner was selected by the WIFT-T Showcase Selection Committee. The winner will receive complimentary use of a state-of-the-art screening room at Deluxe Toronto’s studios, as well as a luncheon with Yael Strasberg (Acquisitions Manager, Entertainment One) and Christina Kubacki (Senior Director of Acquisitions, Entertainment One). Christina, Yael, and Christa Tazzeo Morson (VP of Sales, Post-Production, Deluxe Toronto) presented the award.

An Honourable Mention was given to Tuesday 10:08 AM, submitted by Jane Tattersall.

Written/Directed/Produced: Karen Chapman
Submitting member: Karen Chapman

The 2017 Audience Choice Award winner was selected by the audience at the screening. The winner received an equipment rental voucher, valued at $2500, from Dazmo Camera. Dina Maragos, Senior Rentals Coordinator, Dazmo Camera, presented the award.

Our 2017 lineup!

Film | Fiction


A young woman struggles to find closure after the sudden death of a beloved friend.

Director | Hannah Anderson, Aidan Shipley
Writer | Hannah Anderson
Producer | Natalie Novak, Hannah Anderson
Submitting Member | Hannah Anderson

Film | Fiction

Dissecting Gwen Still 2

After the anxiety of taking a home pregnancy test causes Gwen to faint on her bathroom floor, she finds herself having a discussion with the personified Voices in Her Head: ROMANTIC, REBEL, ANALYTIC and FEAR – each unabashedly offering their opinions on what her future should look like.

Director | Kat Barrell
Writer | Rebecca Hales
Producer | Farah Marani, Sara Basso
Submitting Member | Farah Marani

FREAKTOWN (Episode: Infurnace)
TV | Animation

FT_110b_Ben and Lenny accidentally unleash Infurnace in the City Hall basement_

Ben and Lenny crash-land in the middle of Cuddles’ big party preparations, and as punishment, they have to clean up a hundred years’ worth of clutter in City Hall’s basement. They accidentally release Infurnace, the former nemesis of Freaktown AND Sweetlandia…who just happens to have a compulsion to clean.

Director | Chris LaBonte
Writer | Miles Smith
Producer | Dave Beatty
Executive Producer | Lisa Olfman, Joy Rosen
Submitting Member | Lisa Olfman

Film | Fiction

Dwain Murphy

A homeless man is shot dead by police and a junior inspector with the Special Investigation Unit, is caught up in the incident.  Unsure of the validity of the official police report, the junior inspector decides to do her own analysis of the numerous cell camera and CCTV videos of the shooting. She pieces the story together but it’s not until she deciphers the audio that the full depth of the tragedy comes clear.

Director | Jane Tattersall, Thomas Pepper
Writer | Jane Tattersall, Thomas Pepper
Producer | Penny McDonald, Jane Tattersall
Submitting Member | Jane Tattersall

Web Series | Fiction

TMDJS02 Still 01

That’s My DJ: The Series – From heartbeat to heartbreak, chasing dreams and chasing highs, That’s My DJ is an unapologetic look inside the new order of rave.

Director | D.W. Waterson
Writer | Kaveh Mohebbi, D.W. Waterson
Producer | D.W. Waterson
Editor | Maureen Grant
Submitting Member | Maureen Grant

Film | Fiction

TS IMG_6625 Final SM

Where futures are known and happiness is guaranteed by G.O.D., a mother is given a choice, her child or her perfect future.

Director | Geordie Sabbagh
Writer | Geordie Sabbagh
Producer | Ashleigh Rains
Submitting Member | Ashleigh Rains

Film | Documentary

WG 02-p1bal4ivh56uh12vn2jn5fi1inb

Walk Good is a stirring portrait of a grieving mother left to reconcile her life after each of her three children are murdered in three separate and unrelated shootings.

Director | Karen Chapman
Writer | Karen Chapman
Producer | Karen Chapman
Submitting Member | Karen Chapman

TV | Documentary

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 7.02.46 PM

Wild Kitchen is an adventure-travel documentary series that follows host, Tiffany Ayalik, as she discovers cunning ways of survival, celebrates rich cultural practices and unearths forgotten recipes inspired by the rugged necessity of the land.

Director | Caroline Cox
Writer | Caroline Cox
Producer | Caroline Cox
Submitting Member | Caroline Cox

Thank you to our 2017 Selection Committee.

Alona Metzer, Amanda Jane Smith, Caitlin Starowicz, Gina Power, Kalli Paakspuu, Kathleen Meek, Nadine Valcin, Natasha Negrea, Ryan Reaney, Sydney van Delft, Andrea Nettleton

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